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Want to learn more but don't know where to start?

Get the courses, classes, and coaching built to cultivate a better you.

Join the most transformational challenge EVER!!

Looking to build or enhance your prayer life so that you can operate in purpose on purpose?

Join #5DPC, The Five Day Prayer Challenge! This is NOT your ordinary challenge! Join Christina Danielle on a five day journey to rising with purpose and being CLEAR on how to use it.

Round 7 is now OPEN! 
Join the journey here. 
The Godfidence Gang  Logo.png
 The Godfidence Gang is a monthly group coaching program building Godfidence from the ground UP which includes:
* Weekly Prayer Calls
* Bi-weekly Virtual Group Meetings 
* Monthly In-person Meetings
* REAL time connections with other stretch-minded, Godly women for REAL (not REEL) life support

Applications are now closed but you can join the waitlist HERE.

Masterclass Courses


In this 60 minute Masterclass you will gain:


  • The simplified definition of prayer so that you no longer question what it is.

  • How to structure your prayers with ease so you get it right every time.  

  • A strategic approach to keep prayer on your every day schedule

  • A deep dose of Godfidence to be prepared for the answers that you fear. 

  • The 7 word phrase you need to know that works every time, for every situation.


In this 60 minute Masterclass you will gain:


  • Strategic destruction of the cycles that haven been keeping you hostage.

  • How to transform your mind manipulation to manifestation.   

  • A blueprint to build a better, more positive like-minded community. 


In this 60 minute Masterclass you will gain:


  • Discovery of the "invisible hater blockers" and how to confront them.  

  • Identification of who you really are through a strategic analyzation process to conquer "imposter syndrome."

  • A new perspective on your identity, your life and your business so you can prosper in all areas.

  • A deep dose of Godfidence to equip you for the journey ahead.


In this 60 minute Masterclass you will gain:

  • A better understanding of the definition of prosperity.

  • A solid strategy to obtain and maintain prosperity in your life no matter what happens.

  • A mindset shift from the overwhelm of lack to the overflow of a prosperous life

In this live replay you will learn 5 ways in which you can shift your life from overwhelm to overflow so that you no longer have to struggle in the areas you deserve to be successful in. 

This masterclass will teach you how to encounter, embrace and embody your purpose.

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