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About Christina.

Godpreneur, author, mom,

speaker & coach

Christina Danielle is a mother, a Godprenuer, an author, a speaker and a real person.  A native New Yorker and a firm believer in God, she knows first hand what it means to create opportunity from opposition. Her journey started as a single, teenage parent of two which has led her to create her own women's group in 2016 (W.E.A.R. Your Crown), her first book Fervent Prayers for the Purposed Woman in 2017 (available on Amazon), as well as her own brand "Did You Pray?" which serves as a reminder of what to do when we forget what to do. 


Christina has also spoken and hosted events, been a guest speaker on Tashima Jones "LifeClub" podcast and on Valerie Acosta's "Tee with Vee" podcast, written two other books, "I've Got the Keys! : 5 Tips to Succeed in Life" and "Did You Pray? 21 Days of A Purposed Woman, The Devotional", started her own media show with the birth of "Did You Pray? The Series" on IG Live, and has also been featured in YV magazine's Jan/Feb 2020 episode.  She recently released her first e-course "Prayer Parenting" which teaches 4 pillars to purposeful and effective parenting through the power of prayer.


"I must be the woman my daughter will model and the woman my son will marry. I set the tone. I am the example." She currently resides in New York with her daughter, a third-year marketing major at Howard University, and her son, a first-year Kinesiology major at Grambling State University. 

"I must be the woman my daughter will model and the woman my son will marry.

Christina Danielle

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